Planting and Hardscape Design

Landscape design can usually be divided into two general categories, planting and hardscape. Choosing the right trees, palms, shrubs and groundcovers is a very important because each plant has different light, water and soil requirements. The hardscape includes driveways, walkways, walls and any other hard surface that will be permanently installed. We make sure all these features tie in harmoniously and function as a complete beautiful living ecosystem.

Pool, Patio and Drive Entry

Coming home should be a pleasure– and whether it is arriving to a beautiful garden entry or relaxing by the pool, thoughtful planting and great design can elevate these experiences. As landscape architects and designers, our mission is to create inviting and functional spaces around your home that allow for movement and respite, vibrance and tranquility, everyday of the year.

Project Renderings and Sketches

Seeing how a project will look before it is built is an essential aspect to communicate a design intent. Hand-drawn sketches are an important tool for a designer as part of the creative process. Photoshop and 3D computer renderings gives clients and designers a further ability to understand how a final project will look and function with realistic accuracy. At CCLA, we use both hand-drawing and computer renderings to plan and  illustrate our designs for clients.
Project Management
AutoCAD Drawings
Site Planning
Design & Build
Site Features

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